Le Grazie is located in a beautiful bay close to Portovenere, on the road from La Spezia.

The oldest part of the village is gathered around the church of Our Lady of Le Grazie, built in the fifteenth century.

In the area of Varignano Vecchio, in the southern promontory of the bay are the remains of a Roman villa of the first century. B.C.

The village has a long tradition of shipbuilding in the country, and the bay has a unique area for the pleasure craft.


acqua_pot Drinking water wc Toilets and showers
corrente Electricity 220/380 V radio Radio VHF Channel 09
ico_meteo Weather Service Support ormeggio Mooring/unmooring attendance
gommone Dinghy rifiuti Rubbish collection
scuba Scuba diver gancio_grui 5 ton lift crane

Latitude 44° 04',21 N
Longitude 09° 50' 67' E

Depths: from 3 to 5,5 mt.

Summer II e III quadrant
Winter: north and north-east wind
Moorings: 14
Max lenght 50 mt.
(you must book the berth
Ph. 0187/791113)
Some mooring are dedicated to vintage boats

Safe harbour:
Rada delle Grazie

Port Officer:
Marina Misenti